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A Matenrou Opera Rating Community

Rate Yourself!

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A MO Rating Community

Matenrou Opera
a matenrou opera rating community

Hello there! You have stumbled upon mo_rating, a community created for people to find out which Matenrou Opera member they might be ^^ If you want to know which MO member people think you are, fill up an application and get stamped!
Once there's enough members, we might provide another type of application! (pairings, etc)

Your mods are the crazy 7thbullet and fanatical wlifers :D yoroshiku!

#01 You must be a member of the community in order to post your application.

#02 All applications must be under LJ cut.

#03 Please answer in English, so that everyone can understand

#04 Each member is allowed to reapply only once. Also, please wait for 2 weeks before re-applying.

#05 Please bold your votes, to make the stamping job easier for the mods.

#06 Each application requires 5 votes to be stamped.

#07 Be nice to each other!

#08 You must vote for three applications before posting your own application. If there are no pending applications, you may post your application first and edit it later. If the section is not filled when there are enough pending applications, you will not be stamped until you have voted and posted the links in your own application. Applications that needs voting can be found through this tag.

#09 To make sure you've read the rules, all general applications are required to have "alkaloid showcase" as their subject line. Re-applications should include [Reapplying] in their subject too.

Application Form

Help promote us! Just grab the code. More banners/buttons(more coming soon) here!


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